The Sound of Spirits:What’s Infrasound and Why Ought to We Care About It?



That overwhelming feeling that you’re being watched; the feeling that you’re not alone though nobody is in sight; that “sixth sense” that many people have skilled at one level or one other…It may possibly trigger the little hairs on our arms to face up and our coronary heart to beat just a bit bit sooner. The vast majority of individuals imagine that there’s a world unseen, a non secular airplane maybe coexisting with our bodily world. These emotions nonetheless, don’t represent proof. That being mentioned, they’re additionally to not be ignored. These perceptions originate from one thing…some stimulus we can’t simply interpret. In a way, if we can’t simply decide the origin, it might be thought-about “para regular’, that’s, outdoors the traditional expertise. As a mystical researcher, our jobs are to supply the bodily proof to validate these sixth sense experiences. It’s our accountability to be well-informed of all of the potential pure causes of haunted emotions.

“There’s actually a world past our regular consciousness from which neither area nor time divides us, however solely the barrier of our sense-perceptions…. this threshold isn’t immovable.” ~William F. Barrett, 1918



Infrasound is sound frequency that’s too low for the human ear to detect, falling beneath 20 hertz. Some pure causes of infrasound embody earthquakes, avalanches, and waterfalls. Animals reminiscent of whales talk by way of infrasound. Man-made producers of infrasound embody explosions, diesel equipment, and wind generators. Researchers who’ve studied infrasound posit that, though it’s beneath our aware notion, infrasound impacts our our bodies nonetheless. It may possibly trigger emotions of tension, dread, melancholy, and worry. On the proper frequency it might affect our eyes, inflicting vibrations resulting in distortions in imaginative and prescient and hallucinations or illusions.

So if we all know that infrasound exists and that it’s one potential explanation for a haunting, why are we not measuring it? Measuring this low frequency requires extremely specialised gear, as readily-available sound sensors solely measure in decibels and can’t account for the ultra-low frequency which constitutes infrasound. Devices for measuring infrasound are few and much between and are usually fairly costly. Nonetheless, TSPI is dedicated to offering the highest-quality investigations to our shoppers, and our ongoing need to guage potential hauntings in a scientific method will make sure that we seek for a strategy to measure infrasound within the upcoming years.

Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations

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