A Household Ghost Story

 It’s at all times good to go to household that you have not seen shortly. On a current journey to my father’s facet of the household in Massachusetts, we have been reminiscing concerning the outdated instances. Earlier than lengthy, somebody talked about ghosts and the way I’m the household “Ghost Hunter”. Previously I’ve written about it, however I at all times say that I’ve one foot within the outdated nation and one within the new.  And an Irish household is just not with out it is an personal ghost story or two. I believed I would share one or two of them…

My cousin Elaine requested if I heard concerning the girl who has been seen strolling down the hallway of the home. I requested, “What home?, she mentioned “This home!”(which means my Aunt Sheila’s very long time house). All these years and I did not understand my Aunt’s home was haunted… Elaine spoke about the time they noticed a lady strolling down the hallway in the midst of the night time, which might give anybody a fright. They referred to her as Mrs. Marsden, who my aunt’s house was constructed on their farmland. The outdated Marsden Farmhouse nonetheless stands at this time a number of homes down. At first, they have been terrified, as they witnessed the spirit of  Mrs. Marsden stroll into my cousin’s Shirley’s room. My cousin used to endure from seizures every now and then. This explicit event, the looks of Marsden was a precursor to the seizure.

It appeared that the spirit knew that it was about to happen.  As time went on, they grew to become of used to Mrs. Marsden  showing and got here to know her as somebody that was watching over my cousin and never there to do hurt. My Aunt mentioned that many a visitor has stayed within the house to be woken as much as unusual noises and the sight of an individual glowing within the good golden mild. On a number of events, Aunt Sheila witnessed this girl, however nobody was ever scared once more by Mrs. Marsden’s presence. Displaying that folks can dwell symbiotically with a spirit.


Then there was the time my Uncle Joe and Aunt Eileen had a rural trip house in northern Massachusetts, someplace close to New Hampshire state line. One night time, the household have been all staying the night time on the house once they have been abruptly woken up by the sound of a horrible automotive crash in entrance of the home. It woke everybody up in the home. They appeared outdoors however they did not see the automotive crash on the street. A short while later there was a knock on the door, and Aunt Eileen answered the door and located this poor man bleeding from the pinnacle. The person gave his title, which nobody remembers however for the sake of the story, his title was John. John defined he bought into an accident down the street. Aunt

Eileen helped John as finest as she might. The entire household then got here to the kitchen to seek out Aunt Eileen serving to this man with the pinnacle harm, wrapping him in gauze. The person then used the phone to cellphone somebody to choose him up. After he was completed,  the person departed, stating that he was going to go the hospital. Then everybody when again to mattress. Within the morning, Aunt Eileen worrying, referred to as the native hospital to ask concerning the situation of John. The person by no means made it to the hospital, actually, the accident by no means occurred. The hospital individual acknowledged that John had died within the automotive crash years in the past on the street by Uncle Joe’s home. They went outdoors to see if they might discover the scene of the crash. They usually discovered nothing. To today, they keep in mind the time John

got here to spend a while with them. It is a traditional instance of how individuals endure from a traumatic occasion and all of a sudden go away.  Getting caught between worlds, and never even realizing they’re actually useless.


On paranormal investigations, it is very important present the utmost respect and reverence for the useless. If the useless are confused and have no idea they’re useless. Telling them they’re, perhaps counter-productive and make the scenario worse. I shared these two explicit tales to indicate, that you could be by no means know the place a ghost might pop up. Secondly, I feel a few of us can recall a wierd time in our lives, the place we met somebody and questioned. Who was that individual?

Written By

Shamus Denniston

Director & Founder

Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations


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