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Okay have you ever ever heard of the story known as the psycho buddy, after all, you haven’t let’s get into the story

Kate: Hello DJ
DJ: Hello Kate
DJ: wanna come over my home and watch a film
kate: certain I’m on my means

Whereas Kate was strolling she tripped over a cellphone virtually fell however caught herself

Kate: DJ I simply discovered a cellphone
DJ: cool
kate: that is the cellphone of a MISSING woman named Josephine
DJ: ooh
kate: I’m going to name you off of the lacking cellphone
dj: no don’t try this
kate: why
dj: I don’t know
kate: I’m calling
dj: noooooo
kate: Why is your cellphone already in her cellphone
kate: I’m studying via the texts ohh she acquired killed that very unhappy
dj: yea u don’t need to go any additional
kate: I’m studying your texts along with her
kate: you bought mad about her rejecting to u stated u will KILL her
dj: so what that’s previous however know that u noticed I’m coming four u
kate: noo cease I’m working away from you
dj: noo I’ve my new automotive which is means sooner that u
kate: no matter

As quickly as kate made it by a restaurant he pulled up and Killed Her

?H? ?N?


there was a woman named Elizabeth she discovered a cellphone by the varsity yard

Elizabeth thought who’s cellphone I’ll see

she texted a quantity she stated “I discovered ur cellphone” they texted again “okay the place are u” Elizabeth texted “within the faculty yard nicely outdoors of the varsity yard” they stated “I’m coming” Elizabeth stated “are u the one with the canine strolling in the direction of that van” they stated “sure” it’s was darkish now “I’m strolling in the direction of the van” they stated come nearer” Elizabeth stated “there’s a person in there” they stated “I do know that’s me” Elizabeth stated “why do you’ve got a knife” they stated “ohh to shred your physique my buddy goes to kill you” Elizabeth began working away however one other man got here and killed her and the opposite man shredded the physique like he stated he was going to do


Love you guys my first story so plz simply plz like and remark I’ll come to again and skim ur tales



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