Waking up with a Demon

It occurred in the course of the summer time break after my freshman 12 months of faculty. I awoke and I couldn’t transfer. NOT AT ALL. I attempted to scream for assist however I couldn’t even open my mouth. My eyelids wouldn’t open. My coronary heart pounded and my thoughts raced as I attempted to provide you with an evidence for what was taking place to me.


Had I skilled a stroke?


Was this a uncommon type of Meningitis?


My affliction appeared to final about 30 minutes (in reality it was in all probability solely 5). Ultimately I used to be capable of barely transfer one in all my pinky fingers; the motion slowly transferring from one finger to the subsequent, ultimately leading to me regaining management over my complete hand. From there motion unfold up my arms and down my legs till I had   utterly escaped my physique’s self-imposed jail.


I scoured my psych 101 e book for an evidence of what I had skilled, ultimately leading to my discovery of a

situation referred to as sleep paralysis. Why had I by no means heard of this? Why did nobody ever warn me of this? It was a horrific expertise throughout which I felt terrified and never in command of my very own physique. It occurred few extra instances that summer time, and since, (fortunately) by no means once more.


Sleep paralysis happens throughout part of the traditional sleep cycle referred to as REM (Speedy Eye Motion). Most individuals are acquainted with REM as being the stage during which probably the most dreaming happens. To forestall us from performing out desires, our brains launch a neurotransmitter which basically induces a state paralysis. Within the regular sleep-wake cycle, the consequences of this neurotransmitter put on off earlier than we change into consciously awake. Sleep paralysis happens when our minds change into “awake” earlier than our our bodies. Accompanying that is often the sensation that one thing (OR SOMEONE) is urgent down on our chests and vivid, typically scary, hallucinations. Thankfully, I neither skilled the previous or the latter of those. Typically individuals additionally expertise an eerie sense that there’s a presence within the room with them. Sleep paralysis almost definitely to happen during times of stress, sleep deprivation, people with irregular sleep patterns, and in people with temper problems (notably bipolar dysfunction).


Understandably the expertise of sleep paralysis is usually attributed to the paranormal. Historical past is wrought with tales of demons making an attempt to suffocate their victims by sitting on their chests. These experiences have been taking place to individuals for so long as we all know and its existence is seen in folklore throughout all cultures, typically depicted as an Incubus, Succubus, or the Previous Hag (aka “Evening Hag”).



The emotions of being watched, of being bodily oppressed, or of listening to and seeing unusual issues will be according to each the paranormal phenomenon and sleep abnormalities. A part of the job of an intensive and competent Paranormal Investigator is to think about all proof and all doable explanations for what a person is experiencing. About half of us will expertise at the very least one episode of sleep paralysis throughout our lifetime…its unknown how many people will expertise the paranormal.



Written By

Laura Palmese

Investigator & Researcher

Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations




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