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Bear Canine: Not Actually Extinct?

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Bear canine: A carnivorous creature that existed tens of millions of years in the past and considered extinct. There are tales of man’s encounters with these and for a creature thought to have gone extinct earlier than we have been on the continent of the Americas, that could be very fascinating. Do they nonetheless exist? Some witnesses suppose so.
Considered one of my favourite places for remoted historic beings, at present’s giants, and mysteries past perception is the Nahinni Valley in Western Canada. The placement of legends of giants and headless our bodies being discovered.

The Waheela is an area native legend of a wolf-like cryptid in that distant area. 

LINK: Just like the Ontario White Wolf, and sometimes thought-about to be the identical animal, the Waheela, or Saberwolf, is a big, wolf-like creature stated to inhabit Alaska and the Northwest Territories. It’s bigger and extra closely constructed than regular wolves, with a large head and proportionally bigger toes, and with lengthy, pure-white fur. The animal’s hind legs are stated to be shorter than the entrance legs, and the tracks present broadly spaced toes. Witnesses describe it as being about 3.5 toes to four toes on the shoulder. Waheela are by no means seen in packs, so are presumably solitary. Native legends describe the Waheela as an evil spirit with supernatural powers, and describe it as killing individuals and eradicating their heads. It has been theorized that the Waheela is an Amphicyonid (a prehistoric carnivore of the Miocene and Oligocene), a dire wolf (A big wolf of the Pleistocene), a prehistoric hyena, or a very new species of canine.

Experiences of this may very well be experiences of the Bear Canine nonetheless wandering the wilds.

Sheepsquatch is one other chance. We do not actually know what shade a Bear Canine was, so this would possibly match the outline properly.

LINK:  Sheepsquatch, also called the “White Factor”, is a woolly-haired cryptid reported throughout quite a few counties in West Virginia, predominantly inside the southwestern area of the state. The counties with probably the most sightings are Boone, Kanawha, Putnam and Mason, with a surge in sightings happening in Boone County throughout the mid-1990s.

It’s described as being a quadruped concerning the measurement of a bear, with completely white wool-like fur. It has a protracted and pointed head, much like a canine however with lengthy, saber-like enamel and a single-pint set of horns not dissimilar from these discovered on a younger goat. Its forelimbs finish in paw-like palms, much like these of a raccoon however bigger, whereas its tail is lengthy and hairless like that of an opossum. It’s reputed to odor like sulfur, which has been attributed by way of folklore to the beast being born inside the TNT Space in Mason County like one of many Mothman theories, although this isn’t possible and as a substitute could also be a musk scent gland much like these discovered in lots of species within the order Carnivora resembling weasels and skunks.

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