Two New Probably Troubled Dolls

Ghost Looking Theories: Two New Probably Troubled Dolls

Two New Probably Troubled Dolls

Two extra dolls which may have problems with unexplained arrived yesterday. One is a Shirley Temple doll (center) an identical to “Haunted Shirley” (far proper) and I am calling her “Inexperienced Eyes” and one other is a startled-faced bean bag physique doll I consult with as “Goo Goo Doll.” 

The background on Inexperienced Eyes is that she was in a house the place a household was having some haunting-type points. They had been getting ready to maneuver and he or she was left within the attic. There have been some mild anomalies and an object that fell over recorded on Flint Hills Paranormal workforce’s video. 

It was attention-grabbing to notice that the unique red-eyed Haunted Shirley doll was fully sterile of accessible information to learn by psychometry, this green-eyed doll was straightforward.

The sensation off of Inexperienced Eyes was instantly shyness, tentativeness, younger feminine, but additionally another background of us. The younger feminine was about 7 years previous and had a love-hate relationship with Inexperienced Eyes. It appears she pretended to not be considering her, however then shyly would strategy her periodically and interact her in play after which set her apart for lengthy durations once more. She additionally had a youthful brother, maybe 4, who was aggressive towards the doll, not liking her in any respect. 

There are another adults related along with her, however what intrigues me is a non-human vitality. It’s not a nasty vitality in any respect, one thing that feels very fleeting, like snowflakes are. It comes and goes in several kinds continuously, giving the doll a type of a sputtering, intermittent, ever-changing vitality. None of it appears to sit down nonetheless lengthy sufficient to ascertain a harbor in her, however it has the potential to at instances cluster and collide and that would create some PK points (psychokinesis). These bursts may impacts electrical or object motion. I shall be holding her in a closed surroundings with objects round her to see if this happens.

Why are dolls haunted? Properly, I am unsure they’re a lot haunted as they’re the buildup of all who’ve projected human emotions upon them. Lets take the household canine, for instance. If the household canine grew up since a pet with a contented loving and attentive household, that pet wags its tail, responds to the boldness that setting has created. However, for those who take a canine that has grown up in six properties and various kinds of inattention and abuse and put him in with a loving perpetually household, it could be onerous at first, however over time that canine will belief and wag its each day, however nonetheless startle at sounds.

The extra occupants a house has, the extra probabilities of a haunting state of affairs and the extra individuals who have handled a doll can go away a greater probability of influencing its vitality.

For extra attention-grabbing points of issues reminiscent of Feng Shui on an surroundings, I counsel the e-book “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost Buster” by Anna Maria Prezio.

The smaller doll with the darkish hair I’m nonetheless within the technique of studying about its background, however the preliminary learn on it was a toddler with studying delays. The kid would turn out to be reasonably violently indignant when communication was troublesome. It was in a pile with different dolls and solely every now and then pulled out and dragged round from room to room with out a lot interactive play goal.

I’m hoping to be taught extra in regards to the dolls but additionally to review their conduct and their capacity to maneuver objects round them. 

The 2 new dolls do not give me a very unhealthy feeling or vitality however there’s something I can say about each Shirley dolls – they appear to have an vitality behind them that lingers within the background and research. 

That in itself is sort of a wolf in grandma’s clothes….

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