Suggestions for Videotaping Bigfoot

You aren’t in any respect more likely to glimpse a Bigfoot simply strolling round within the open air, however you’ve gotten an excellent likelihood of videotaping one which you will notice later if you get residence and overview. This is my ideas for one of the simplest ways to seize one photographically.

1:18 level of video 

(backside middle proper of tree)

Fred Kanney video 

(at 1:17 – 1:18 he steps out from behind tree)

(thanks, James Carroll for recognizing this motion)

This is what occurs. They’re within the woods. They’re watching. They stand very nonetheless to turn into one with the bushes. They’re good at this. So good that we actually don’t see them as we glance round.

However, as we flip and pan the digicam away to movie the woods round us, we permit them time to get the hell outta Dodge. They watch us flip away with the digicam and know we and the digicam are targeted on one other a part of the woods. 

The videographer had simply filmed the place they’re, however now that he/she turns away with digicam, the Bigfoot bolts. 

What we discover on video occurs after you allow the location as a result of nearly all the time you’ll not see them if you are there, however when reviewing video after, you will notice one thing misplaced, or one thing transfer. 

Make sure to pan the world slowly 180-degree flip, zooming out and in. Once you get to the 180-degree flip, again to the place you began, pause a bit, pan again once more to your place to begin. In that point, the BF will peek out, darkish behind a tree, drop to the bottom. You will notice the variations within the two views.

In case you do discover one thing on video, return later to that spot and movie once more to indicate if it was or was not a tree stump or different. You need your proof to be confirmed and this can be a fantastic technique to present your integrity and want to unravel what you filmed.

These are just a few ideas, however considering exterior the field is useful when investigating. We frequently get caught up in filming within the woods and hopefully catching one thing however the majority of the time, we caught one thing with out realizing it. Up your possibilities by complicated those that can outsmart us. 

Sure, settle for it, they do outsmart us.

Fred Kanney captured these modifications on video and it was the wind that caught the BF standing nonetheless behind a tree. The fella figured he would stay in place however he couldn’t cease the wind from blowing his hair between one panned shot and the second panning shot.

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