What Maps Reveal In regards to the Paranormal

There’s something that unifies all of the unexplained and sure that is associated to one thing inside the earth itself, from piezo-electricity, electromagnetic fields, geology, and gravity that helps to both feed, gasoline, or create reactions with the unexplained to the purpose it both is seen extra readily by us or it location particular. Let’s take a look at some maps of phenomena and see what we will infer from it – 

Beneath is a map of Bigfoot sightings across the US.

Beneath is a map of UFO sightings across the US

These two are wanting virtually similar, eh?

Beneath is a map of the place historical big skeletons have been uncovered.

Are we seeing a sample but? 

Beneath is a map of geology of the US

The inexperienced and sizzling pink areas present granite and limestone; two geologic formations typically related to hauntings.

Let us take a look at one other map – US inhabitants density. It goes with out saying that the place persons are situated, extra sightings of the weird will likely be reported. It is kind of like; if there isn’t any individual within the woods to listen to it and a tree falls, will it make a sound? This map would possibly make you assume that these sightings are incidental in these areas as a result of there are extra individuals residing there and extra individuals reporting. However, may there truly be extra incidents there to report and why? 

Properly, let’s return and have a look at that geology map. There’s a large strip with lack of granite or limestone down the west of heart operating south to north. 

It’s the identical strip that’s empty on our inhabitants density.

It’s the identical strip that’s evident on the map of historical big skeletons.

It’s the identical strip that reveals virtually no Bigfoot sightings or UFO sightings.

In actual fact, if you happen to view it, you would possibly assume that Southwest Kansas is among the single most boring locations within the nation.

How in regards to the rankings of most haunted states?
1. Louisiana.
2. Pennsylvania.
3. California.
4. Rhode Island.
5. Tennessee.
6. Nevada.
7. Texas.
8. Florida.
9. Missouri.
10. South Carolina.

Now, let’s take a look at the least haunted states and in the event that they occur to be in that “useless alley” – 

45. South Dakota. – yup
46. Wyoming. – yup
47. New Hampshire.
48. Nebraska. – yup
49. Vermont.
50. North Dakota. – yup

This makes issues extra attention-grabbing. We’ve loads of inhabitants density in New Hampshire and Vermont, dangerous geology, however we’re promising on Bigfoot, historical giants and UFO sightings. So, why not so haunted? Given that there’s loads of historical past and inhabitants there – what offers? Geology?

Let us take a look at a bodily map of the US that exhibits mountain ranges. Attention-grabbing, eh? 

It seems, if you happen to have a look at this bodily map above, that the hauntings should not have to do with mountain areas, however extra so Bigfoot and UFOs do. Hmmm

Let’s go one map additional to waterways  –

Let’s maintain it as much as the map of Bigfoot sightings – a organic being who wants water. This truly strongly helps a inhabitants of hidden human household within the US by their location to waterways. That isn’t random of fanciful liars, however purposefully situated in order that sightings are the place waterways exist. 

What about waterways and historical giants? They appear to assist one another, as effectively, revealing that an historical civilization may have existed just by the place they have been residing close to waterways. 

What about fault traces the place nice strain happens? Would possibly these trigger sightings of oddities or assist a supply of enticing vitality? We do know earlier than earthquakes the skies can have odd lights – only one instance of the aptitude of this vitality. 

Let us take a look at UFO sightings once more – 

This UFO map and the seismic map are pretty aligned, however not terribly spectacular. Once we have a look at the UFO map, individuals alongside the ocean report extra UFO sightings. Is that this as a result of flying over the ocean is one of the simplest ways to not be seen as a lot or as a result of the ocean affords an excessive amount of sky for viewing? Or are there extra sightings there due to inhabitants density? 

Let’s go additional and have a look at a map of navy installations across the US and UFO sightings – 

Right here under are UFO sightings….

Above is a map of navy installations. This appears very attention-grabbing! In actual fact, both the navy is exhibiting air autos that we’re mistaking or somebody is inquisitive about our bases – 

Now, again to giants – 

How about this map of mining areas within the US? Does it correlate with an historical individuals who preferred to mine? 

(historical big finds)

Oh sure, that will assist that historical giants have been alongside waterways and mining areas which helps that they existed and did have business right here.

How will we get previous the inhabitants density concern, that when there are extra individuals there are extra witnesses however not essentially extra exercise? 

We ask ourselves questions like these above: If there’s a big furry individual hiding, would they cover within the mountains and close to waterways to assist them? It could appear so. And, if there was an historical mining tradition, would possibly they reside close to waterways and areas we mine in the present day? Sure. So, we additionally be taught a lot about our personal want to reside close to assets, whether or not the ocean, waterways or minerals. 

What about taking a map of Native American Reservations and seeing if the Bigfoot desire to reside on the undeveloped lands the place the persons are extra respectful of their area? Let’s evaluate this map above with a Bigfoot sighting map…

There does not appear a robust correlation there. 

Let’s take a look at nationwide forests and Bigfoot – 

(Nationwide Forests)

(Bigfoot sightings)

Properly these two maps appear to indicate collectively properly. Waterways, mountains and parks with Bigfoot in attendance and sighted in these areas helps a inhabitants of lonely people who know simply the place to cover and survive.

We have additionally realized that haunted locations and not-so-haunted locations comply with the geology map indicating that mineral-dense areas have extra hauntings reported. 

I encourage others to go about discovering maps to correlate any potential commonalities between paranormal reporting and options of the US, whether or not it is battlefields or unique Native websites, and the like. 

The one method we start to know commonalities is by observing this stuff on maps to assist in giving a visible to the concentrations. I did a examine in 2009 about haunted areas searching for widespread components and located these statistics in 50 most haunted websites –

Geology (so as of most potent geology after which descending in significance)
1. Limestone: 13 of 14 websites with limestone ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale (6 being most haunted commonalities)
2. Shale: 12 of 13 websites with shale ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale
3. Sandstone 20 of 22 websites with sandstone ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale
4. Granite 1 of two websites with granite ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale.

WATERWAYS: (I thought of if the positioning was inside a mile of operating water, stream, river, ocean)
41 of 50 websites had this feature–that may be very important. It is also exhausting to find whether or not or not the opposite 9 websites had underground springs, so it is a very exhausting one to guage. Additionally, individuals tended to construct properties close to waterways way back earlier than we had great plumbing and such. I didn’t, nonetheless, discover one tremendous haunted website that didn’t have water close by.

Anticipate me to proceed on this idea, as I’ve been engaged on a guide “Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted” to show extra components.

I hope everybody retains up the curiosity to find commonalities and trying to find the “alchemy” concerned in paranormal areas.

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