The REAL Settlers of America?

Ghost Searching Theories: The REAL Settlers of America?

The REAL Settlers of America?

There are various native legends throughout America involving a tradition of “white” or “big” individuals who have been right here first with a sophisticated civilization, mining, canal methods, and so forth. That is one account that’s fairly putting – 

The Pure and Aboriginal Historical past of Tennessee by John Haywood (1762-1826)

“There’s nothing within the historical past of the Lenapes or of the 5 nations or of any of their tribes which may induce a perception that they erected mounds, worshiped the solar or moon or constructed fortifications enclosing them in entrenchments or that they sunk wells which they walled up with stone or that that they had the data of metals. 

The custom of Indians northwest of the Ohio is that Kentucky had been settled by whites they usually had been exterminated by conflict. They consider that the outdated fortifications now seen in Kentucky on the Ohio have been constructed by these white inhabitants. An concept very a lot confirmed by the white skeletons and the petrified feminine present in a collapse Kentucky and by the colour of their eyes and hair, all of that are wholly dissimilar to the Indian complexion, hair and colour of eyes….

An outdated Indian concurred within the fact of this custom. He was 120 years of age and should have been born a while across the 12 months 1680. (He) knowledgeable Mr. Moore that the western  nation and significantly Kentucky had been inhabited by white individuals however they have been destroyed by the Indians that the final battle was discovered on the falls of the Ohio and that the Indians drove the aborigines right into a small island under the rapids… When the waters of the Ohio had fallen, a large number of human bones have been found on Sandy Island and the Indians instructed Gen. Clark of Louisville that the battle of Sandy Island determined lastly the destiny of Kentucky with its historical inhabitants…

He didn’t know who made the graves on the Ohiol and at different locations nevertheless it was not his nation, nor any he had been acquainted with…

He stated that some Indians who had traveled very far west and northwest, had discovered a nation of people that lived like Indians, though of a unique complexion….

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