Joe Ghost: Do We Psychically Tag Locations?

We’re reviewing some fascinating proof accrued throughout our workforce, Arizona Paranormal Analysis, did an investigation in the home I am dwelling in. The prior resident had died and he had an uncommon background of curiosity and teachings in therapeutic, spirituality, and likewise believed himself to be an alien abductee. Since shifting into the house, we have had numerous indicators that Joe remains to be amongst us, so my workforce got down to do an investigation and I began it off with a seance. 

I do not usually do seances, though I am very skilled in them. Most circumstances, we’re not making an attempt to speak to a specific particular person a lot as a location with a wide range of entities. On this case, the home-owner and I each have been superb with a seance being utilized as a conduit.

The workforce goes over the proof which is proving to have some uncommon content material. However, in the interim, I wished to determine what was occurring with a KII meter that was going nuts through the seance beside my left hand. 

As a psychometrist, I learn with the left hand, bringing vitality into my physique by the left and out by the correct for therapeutic. My seances are dong with everybody placing their palms as much as present their vitality like beacons. I put males on one facet of the room, ladies on the opposite in case there’s a specific desire to be close to one or the opposite. 

The meter went off many instances close to my left hand after I was performing the seance and what I hadn’t anticipated was that when Joe made himself identified, he introduced forth with him a circle of sunshine entities. I acknowledged instantly they have been the ancestors of these within the room, the closest lifeless kinfolk. They shaped a circle of sunshine that was locked by an odd sort of non secular magnetism. My eyes teared up and I felt an awesome pleasure and love. 

Then, rows of an increasing number of ancestors got here round in circle behind circle, all protectively. 

Because the seance and shutting of the circle, the KII readings on the chair’s left arm proceed, irrespective of the place the chair is positioned. 

We have turned off the ability and nonetheless – bam! Actually, if I sit in it with my left hand there once more, I can keep on questioning with responses from my lifeless household. This was witnessed by two others and intensely correct. After I ended the discuss and walked away, it quieted. 

Curiously, the divining rods cross over the arm of the chair too.

My finest thought is that through the seance, I opened up vitality in my left hand which is the hand that vitality enters my physique by – the hand I learn objects with. The left arm of the chair the meter was spiking throughout my communications through the seance. That was the pathway in to speak. 

This is how I see it as a proof –

When you’re dwelling you “tag” psychically areas that you’ve got reminiscences in, good and dangerous. Beneath the second of sturdy feelings you “zap” the placement. If you move on, that offers you a tag to revisit that place. 

After I did the seance, I opened up a doorway of communication to our ancestors. I used to be speaking with Joe, however round us all within the room, I noticed the sunshine beings of our ancestors, closing in, magnetically locking right into a protecting circle. In that second they’d a tagged a spot the place they might talk with household within the mortal airplane. A portal beacon of kinds.

Technically, I introduced forth communication from our lifeless ancestors to us and so they realized that the “phone” was the place I used to be drawing their vitality into this realm. They’re now hovering across the telephone, awaiting the prospect to name.

Do we have now haunted objects, or will we tag objects whereas dwelling? A baby’s well-loved doll? A lady’s beloved marriage ceremony ring? A person’s favourite chair?

Subsequent, I’ll attempt placing a recorder on the arm of the chair and calling on them, leaving the room to let it file with nobody there.

I’ve had a long-held idea that in moments of pleasure or agony or anger, no matter – we go away a tag there, type of like a psychic photo voltaic flare that creates geomagnetic storms, marking a spot. We go away a “tag” there that we are able to come again to and hang-out. Therefore, locations with sturdy emotion could be revisited.

This sequence “Joe Ghost” will proceed as we proceed to assessment proof and do ongoing experiments. 

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