Neanderthal Traits in Bigfoot

Many instances folks level to Neanderthal when describing Bigfoot. There’s an assumption there have to be a lineage there, though not purebred, as Neanderthal had been quick fellows. However, there are some fascinating comparisons that makes one marvel if Bigfoot carry the DNA of Neanderthal like Europeans, though maybe at the next share.  Here is just a few the explanation why –


Broad chest

Shorter legs in proportion to physique size in comparison with us

Wider hips

Distinguished forehead ridge

Massive eyes

Broad nostril

Slanted brow.

The bigger eyes of Neanderthal had been believed to be due to dwelling in decrease lights within the Northern latitudes, greater elevations, forested areas. Actually, their greater physique mass and bigger eyes meant extra of their brains had been dedicated to visible and physique management performances. (LINK) Bigfoot are reported with very giant eyes and doing a lot of their work at nighttime. 

With extra massively constructed our bodies and bigger eyes, extra of their mind was targeted on physique management and imaginative and prescient. These facilities of the brains for them had been a lot bigger and their skills would lie in eager imaginative and prescient and interpretation in addition to athletic prowess and physique management (standing nonetheless to not be seen).

Neanderthal additionally had giant ft compared to top and this may need been needed for a dense, muscular physique to help it or for a mountainous area of adaptation. The common Neanderthal male was 5’4″ tall however his ft had been 10″. Bigfoots’ footprints usually overwhelm folks with their measurement, but it surely could possibly be that we should always not extrapolate their top to foot ratio like our personal. Their ft could have been tailored like Neanderthal to deal with a really muscular heavy body. I put collectively a foot size to top ratio formulation based mostly on Neanderthal’s ratio. LINK

24″ Sasquatch footprint can be round 156″ top (13′).

20″ Sasquatch footprint can be round 130″ top (10’8″)

18″ Sasquatch footprint can be round 117″ top (9’7-1/2″)

16″ Sasquatch footprint can be round 104″ top (8’6″)

14″ Sasquatch footprint can be round 91″  top (7’6″)

Turbo respiratory – Neanderthal may soak up twice as a lot O2 with respiratory. LINK 

Bigfoot are sometimes reported to have bursts of uphill climbs and heavy respiratory, unimaginable lung capability.

I’ve taken a photograph of a reenactment of a Neanderthal man’s look and added hair.

Maybe we share an ancestor with the Tall Ones….

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