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‘Owlman’ Twice Encountered in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

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I lately acquired a phone name from ‘DF’ who lives on his farm together with his household close to Freeport, PA in Armstrong County, PA.

On October 11, 2013 at roughly 5:30 PM, DF was in his recording studio (a separate constructing on the property). A consumer was enjoying the piano on the time. DF walked to the adjoining kitchen to get a glass of water. When he regarded out the window he observed a big winged being descending from the sky. He described it as an ‘owlman’ with broad feathered wings that had an extended feather spaced 6-7 inches alongside the underside fringe of the wings. The pinnacle was spherical with massive black round eyes, small owl-like ears and a brief hooked beak. The physique was 5 foot in peak and formed like that of a human with legs, ending in 3-toed talon toes. The feathered physique was mild to darkish tan. The wingspan was 18-20 toes. It was an enormous and spectacular sight.

The winged being appeared to be drawn by the piano music, in DF’s opinion. It landed briefly close to the again of the studio, then flapped its wings Three occasions and rapidly ascended into the sky. He talked about the sighting to his spouse and kids, who mentioned that he ought to report the encounter.

Just a few days later, DF was as soon as once more within the recording studio. There was one other consumer enjoying a piano. As DF briefly stepped exterior, he observed the identical winged being descending close to the studio. This time it will need to have seen DF, then it rapidly flew away.

DF is a bit old-school and did not have a cellphone with him at the moment. However he did sketch the winged being after every event (displayed beneath). After 6 years, he was lastly satisfied to come back ahead together with his sighting. Any additional data will probably be added to this report. Lon

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