‘Gollum’ Humanoid Kills Chickens at Rural Missouri Residence

A Missouri boy and his household cope with a ‘Gollum-like’ humanoid that constantly kills their chickens

The next account was lately forwarded to me:”I grew up in rural Missouri. My household moved there in 1985 once I was younger. About 15-20 minutes from the closest city, with the closest city being Wright Metropolis, MO about 15 minutes north. It actually was in the midst of nowhere. You had a drive a mile or two down one gravel street, earlier than you bought to the gravel street I lived down that was a few mile and a half lengthy that solely my household and our neighbor lived on. There was about 3000-4000 acres north of us that nobody lived on and about 1000 acres south of us that nobody lived on. It was all owned by the identical man who solely got here out throughout deer season to hunt the property south of us and lived in a city about 20 miles west. The land north of us was largely extremely hilly forest with just a few caves a few mile north of a home. The land south of us was about 50/50 woods to fields with an previous 100+ yr previous deserted cabin deep into the woods. The wagon street to it had grown up. The property proprietor had informed us that nobody had lived there because the 1800s.

I had just a few sightings whereas rising up there. I had all the time informed myself it was ‘Momo, the Missouri Monster’ (MO’s model of Bigfoot). Wasn’t till I noticed a path cam picture of what was stated to be a forest ghoul a number of years later. This lead me to perform a little extra analysis.

First memorable sighting was once I was a young person. Me, my brother, sister, and pop have been taking part in a sport I realized in Boy Scouts referred to as ‘Manhunt’ that was mainly a mix of cover and search and tag. We might set a boundary round a cedar thicket simply north of the home. Me and my little brother have been on a group towards my dad and sister. Me and my brother would cover first, with my dad and sister finally catching us. We then let my dad and sister cover and went to go discover them. We ended up catching my sister, however could not discover my dad so we began working collectively. The Cedars have been thick and the solar was setting. We have been most likely within the final 10 minutes of daylight for the day. We need to catch our dad quick earlier than we could not see anymore. We searched many of the space and did not discover him.

Finally I noticed what seemed like 2 toes about 20-30 toes in entrance of us. They have been barefoot and pale, not considering a lot of it, I informed my brother I believed dad had taken his footwear off to be extra stealthy. We unfold out about 20 toes aside and tried to sneak up on him from reverse sides. Crouching the entire approach so we might see underneath the cedar bushes, as a result of we could not see by the thicket. We obtained about 15 toes away earlier than it realized we have been arising on it and it took off. We each took off operating after it considering it was my dad. We chased it to the sting of the thicket the place there was a small open glade earlier than the beginning of the big forest that unfold again into the hills. We yelled that he was operating out of bounds and as we obtained to the sting of the thicket we seen what seemed to be a pale bare man jetting into the woods. This spooked the hell out of my brother and me, however we nonetheless wished to consider it was simply my dad taking part in with us. So we ran the other way again south in direction of the home, solely to see my dad sitting subsequent to my sister by a pond simply 100 yards throughout the sector from the thicket. We requested my dad how he obtained over there so quick and him and my sister informed us he’d been sitting there along with her for 20 minutes ready for us to determine he wasn’t within the woods. My brother and I attempted to clarify what we noticed to him, however he blew it off saying it was most likely only a deer.

In the meantime, we had chickens a number of instances as I used to be rising up. Usually they’d be high quality within the rooster coop for just a few months, then one thing would begin killing them. Tearing open the wire fencing to the caged yard, normally we would discover 1 or 2 chickens simply tore up and laying within the yard. My mother and pop all the time stated it was wild canine, however the chickens by no means seemed eaten, simply slaughtered. He’d all the time repaired the fencing, but it saved occurring. Often as soon as it began most of our chickens could be useless and gone inside every week or two. My mother could be upset since she’s the one which wished to have chickens and would usually surrender on them till the following spring when she’d get a pair dozen extra. Generally she’d skip a yr, however I can consider at the very least 4-5 events of getting batches of chickens and all of them dying. Finally she gave up and took just a few years off from attempting to boost chickens.

Throughout my senior yr of highschool, she determined to attempt having chickens once more. It was good at first. Then a pair months later, they began getting killed once more. This time although it was peeling off the wire roof of the caged yard. Cage was about 5-6 toes tall. My dad stated it was canine, however the opening would usually be just a few toes off the bottom. I keep in mind questioning my dad at that time saying if it was canine would not they be attempting to dig underneath the fence, not go in from the highest? The slaughtering gave the impression to be worse than earlier than with useless chickens being tossed everywhere in the yard, but simply tore up, not eaten. My sister had gotten a pygmy goat the yr earlier than to boost for FFA. In the future we discovered it useless and mutilated as properly. It was in a steady yard on the aspect of our barn with a 6-7 foot fence round it, but one thing had nonetheless gotten to it. Dad and mom nonetheless claimed it was canine.

Then one evening my sister’s boyfriend was having a bonfire get together and I went over there with my sister, trigger my dad and mom would not let her go to a celebration with out me going along with her to look at over her. My sister obtained actually drunk, however I did not drink a lot as a result of I used to be too busy watching over her. I feel I had possibly half a beer all evening. We left late, possibly one or two o’clock within the morning. After I obtained residence, I might park my truck within the yard subsequent to the driveway normally dealing with the rooster coop. I pulled in and my sister simply began screaming and pointing ahead. I seemed up and noticed what on the time I might greatest describe as one thing that seemed like Gollum from Lord of the Rings on the roof on the rooster coop. It was staring proper at us, crouched down similar to Gollum usually was within the films. It was a pale white, it had very very skinny hair on high of its head, most likely lower than Gollum had within the films. And it had 2 pink eyes that glowed within the headlights. It seemed to be hissing at us. I locked the doorways and quieted my sister down, then began honking the horn and flashing between my brights and common headlights. Me and my sister have been each freaking out. It jumped off the again of the rooster coop in direction of the course of the woods north of the home and I overpassed it. My dad and mom had turned on the surface lights at that time and have been searching the door. I grabbed my sister and ran as quick as I might inside along with her. After we tried to inform my dad and mom what we noticed, they refused to consider us. They informed us we have been simply drunk and stuffed with sh*t. I attempted to inform them I wasn’t drunk, however they would not consider me. Sadly my sister was so drunk, she did not even keep in mind coming residence the following day.

A number of nights later, we have been all gathered in the lounge to look at a film we had rented from the video retailer. As we have been watching the previews, we heard the chickens screeching. My dad was nonetheless satisfied it was canine and had a loaded 30-30 rifle by the again door prepared for after they confirmed up once more. He ran and grabbed his rifle and a highlight additionally close to the door and ran out again. Few moments after he went outdoors we heard a gunshot adopted by constantly firing till he emptied the entire clip. This was very not like him, rising up he taught me and my brother {that a} good hunter solely takes 1 shot at one thing. Should you want 2 or extra your not a adequate shot. He even made us get our first kill with single load muzzleloader black powder rifles earlier than we might use an everyday rifle with {a magazine}. By no means in my total life had I seen or heard my dad unload a full clip at one thing.

He charged again in and instantly informed us children to go lock all of the doorways and home windows to the home. He was white as a ghost. In the meantime he stated he wanted to speak to my mother. He took my mother into the again room and closed the door have been they have been at for 20 minutes. I already knew what it was. I used to be already scared earlier than he even went outdoors. Me and my brother and sister waited in the lounge till they obtained executed speaking. I requested him what he noticed and he informed me he did not need to speak about it and to not deliver it up once more. The following day, him and my mother determined to slaughter all of the chickens and that we would not be getting extra.

To at the present time my dad nonetheless will not speak about what he noticed, and these days acts prefer it by no means occurred and performs silly.

I went off to school a pair months later, and I by no means noticed it once more after that.” JN



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