Giant Cryptid ‘Werewolf’ Encountered Close to Jacutinga-MG, Brazil

Two Brazilian associates noticed a big cryptid canine that the witnesses described as a ‘werewolf’. It adopted and stored tempo with the pickup they had been using in.

This account was delivered to my consideration. I wanted to right a few of the damaged English:

“I am 20 years previous and I stay in Brazil, São Paulo State. What I’ll inform right here occurred to me, within the yr 2017, right here in my metropolis. A pal, who I am going to name Thiago, made me an invite to spend a day at his father’s place. My metropolis is simply outdoors Jacutinga-MG, BR. It was a Saturday, and I went with him within the morning. We had a very nice day. We had a barbecue, swam, ate fruit, talked and helped his father to prune different timber, it was actually cool.

When it bought darkish, at evening, round 20:00, Thiago’s father requested us to depart. His father had a Fiorino das Antigas pickup truck. We had been each within the bucket, sitting speaking. We sat with our backs to the cabin’s rear window, wanting again. We had already gone a couple of kilometer. The 2 of them there, wanting on the highway, in direction of the again of the truck. When his father slowed all the way down to undergo a tunnel, he got here up behind a tall black form, rapidly. I assumed it was a really massive canine with a vivid eye. On the time we commented: “What’s it? What animal is that?” It stood, like an individual, on high of that ravine. It was wanting in direction of us and was about 40 or 50 meters from the truck, which was shifting away. We checked out one another and really scared and confused. Then we appeared again on the animal. Then, the animal was standing on four legs once more, and ran down the ravine in direction of the highway. When he reached the aspect of the highway, within the rush downhill, he jumped the opposite approach, crossing the complete highway into the other ravine. Thiago tells me: “That could be a werewolf!

The werewolf started to observe and parallel the truck by way of the woods. He went by way of the woods, we noticed leaves and branches flying, we heard the branches breaking, and we noticed him passing among the many timber. So Thiago requested his father to hurry up, as a result of there was one thing following the automotive. The daddy requested: “What’s it?” And he stated: “I feel it is a werewolf!” Quickly, we arrived on the river, and crossed a slender bridge. I do not know why, however he did not cross the river, and he stayed up there on the financial institution, watching us, till he disappeared from view on the curve.

I had by no means seen or believed that there was a werewolf, regardless of listening to tales from my mother and father and grandparents. Now I keep away from going to the countryside at evening. What marked me most on this story was the soar. A implausible soar from one aspect of the highway to the opposite. And me and Thiago seeing all the pieces from Fiorino Uno’s bucket. If it weren’t for the river, that werewolf may need jumped on Fiorino to catch us.” MP

NOTE: There appears to be a excessive variety of upright canine or ‘werewolf’ account originating from Brazil previously decade or so. I do not know what these witnesses noticed, but it surely undoubtedly was not a median canine. Lon**********


A evaluation of ‘Winged Cryptids: Humanoids, Monsters & Anomalous Creatures Casebook’ by Linda Godfrey

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