Skinwalker Ranch Secret: Cattle Mutilation

The season-ender for “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on Historical past Channel was fairly the joys.

One factor that Dennis Guern and I talked about was the chance that the cow would have been mutilated, had they not interrupted the method.

Why would they mutilate a useless cow?

Most individuals assume that in cattle mutilations the cow is culled from the herd and killed to mutilate it. 

My concept has been that due to the elements of the cow extracted, the federal government was finding out free vary cows within the Southwest particularly to see the number of anthrax they ingest, to raised perceive how the cows keep alive ingesting it, in addition to to see the bio-warfare potential of accessing an anthrax pressure not utilized wherever else on the earth. (LINK to that put up)

In cattle mutilations an ear, eye, tongue, lymph, genitals and rectum are normally eliminated.

Within the case of say, an “alien/different dimensional/time touring/no matter” that’s attempting to open a portal to make entry right here, figuring out that it has resulted in organic harm to the occupants of earth, finding out a useless cow in a discipline could be necessary to understanding how you can negate hurt in order that they will use their expertise to enter this realm, but additionally to have the ability to achieve this with out killing these they do not intend to kill.

It’s kind of like utilizing a monkey to check results on people as our scientists do in labs.

I might recommend the researchers at Skinwalker Ranch think about finding out the Money-Landrum case the place occupants of a automobile have been uncovered to radiation throughout a UFO contact. These have been documented in hospital information.

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