Finest Film Ghosts

Whereas some film ghosts are delicate and indefinable, like within the film “The Haunting,” different film ghosts both tug at our heartstrings, shock us, or terrify. Here is a few of my faves – 

“13 Ghosts” 


The opening scene of the film within the junkyard with the Juggernaut was actually chilling.


Sam Wheat

Not scary, however maybe one of the timeless loves.



He was simply plain outdated nasty and enjoyable! 

“The Shining” 

Lloyd the Bartender

Dancing on the sting of actuality.

“The Changeling” 


Most determined little one ghost

“The Fog” 

Vengeful Leper 

He had a rating to settle with the city of us.

“The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” 

Capt. Daniel Gregg

All time most romantic ghost ever!

“The Ring” 


Her freaky strikes critically unsettled.

“Nightmare On Elm Road” 

Freddy Krueger

It is laborious sufficient to sleep and this killer wasn’t letting demise cease him from tormenting your goals.

“The Entity” 

possessive ghost

Most creepy of all; abusive and possessive ghost.

“Useless Silence” 

Mary Shaw

She needed to run her military of dolls in opposition to the residing.

“Sleepy Hole”

The Hessian

He was ruthless and he was vengeful.

“The Amityville Horror”

Pig Eyes 

We weren’t certain what it was, however we freaking did not wish to see all of it!



The troublesome pesky ghost.

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