He Comes Nearer After I Blink

5 True Inhuman Entity Encounters

5 True Inhuman Entity Encounters



Father O’Brian-

You’ve requested me to maintain a journal, and right here it’s.

Evidently relocating to Maryland was a waste.

Transferring from one home to a different doesn’t appear to cease something, and the police are at a loss. In case you are unable to assist us, the simplest path ahead is simply to surrender hope.

Hope hurts an excessive amount of if there isn’t a religion to elevate its wings.


Day 1 – Our first evening on Hill Road didn’t supply any peace. The fixed ticking of the clock was audible from each room in the home.

We don’t personal a clock.


Day 2 – Georgia, 5 years previous and our youngest, smiled and handed me a chunk of paper. “I drew an image, Daddy,” she provided with an impish grin. I took it from her to examine it.

The web page was clean.

“Georgia, my little candy tea, this web page is clean,” I defined softly.

Her face grew crimson. She stamped her ft. “It’s not clean, Daddy, it’s an image of our household! Put it on the fridge!”

Georgia nearly by no means yells, so this involved me enormously.

However that paled compared to what I felt after I appeared down at her and noticed that she had no eyes.

I ought to say, slightly, that the whites of her eyes had been in place – however nothing extra. Her pupils and irises had been gone. Solely furious, veiny tendrils of crimson crisscrossed the alabaster floor.

Georgia didn’t appear to note they had been gone. She grew louder and continued to yell.

I slammed the paper onto the floor of the fridge and shakily affixed a magnet to it.

After I appeared again at my daughter, her eyes had returned. She was smiling. “Thanks, Daddy!” she chirped, earlier than skipping down the corridor.


Day 3 – I had gotten away from bed in the midst of the evening for a glass of water. I can’t clarify it completely, however people do have a certain quantity of echolocation at their disposal. One thing about the best way our home sounded was off.

I stepped into the darkened lounge with the hopes of assuaging my concern. However the discomfort solely grew.

I fumbled for the sunshine swap and flicked it on.

The whole room was the wrong way up. All the furnishings was affixed to the ceiling as if it had been essentially the most pure state on the earth. Lights illuminated the scene earlier than me by shining upward from the bottom.

After staring for a number of seconds, I made a decision that the most effective strategy was to show the lights again off. This fashion, at the very least, I wouldn’t should see it.

The remainder of the home was (or at the very least felt) right-side up.

The lounge seems regular within the daylight.


Day 4 – The locusts are unhealthy this 12 months. Each backyard on the block has wilted aside from ours.

We planted tulips, however solely snowdrops are rising.

I’ve to mow the garden twice a day to maintain it from getting overrun.


Day 5 – A field arrived within the mail at present. It had my title on it, written in a baby’s handwriting. There was no return tackle.

Contained in the field had been 1,913 human tooth.


Day 6 – The fridge is now utterly lined with “drawings” that Georgia has given me.

Each single one in all them is clean.


Day 7 – I stand up earlier than the remainder of the household day-after-day to examine the home. The inside was tremendous this morning, although I did keep away from the lounge gentle. I not look in that room earlier than daybreak.

There have been footprints outdoors the door.

The prints shaped a protracted, muddy path from the road. They seem to return from a person’s shoe.

Not less than the primary ones did.

Because the prints received nearer to the home, they grew to become steadily elongated. First twelve inches, then 13, fourteen, a foot and a half, and eventually two ft lengthy.

The final two prints in entrance of the door had been the width of my torso, and so long as I’m tall.


Day 7 – I’m typing this on my laptop computer in mattress. My spouse has been calling me, softly and patiently, from the lounge.

Her voice is coming from the ceiling.

I’m too afraid to go on the market.

Inform me father, what occurs after the seventh day?

CREDIT: P.F. McGrail

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