As we do not have full affirmation on what occurs after the bodily physique dies, we do know that power cannot be misplaced, it’s utilized someplace.

Many consider that switch of power is from being hosted by bodily type to being reclaimed by the quantum.

So, do spirits actually have points figuring out they’re lifeless?

Maybe the closest we come to the opposite aspect is when mortals lose all indicators of life and are revived, coming again with tales to inform of the opposite aspect in what are known as NDEs (near-death experiences).

My father had an NDE with me current. He had no indicators of life for over 4 minutes. The paramedics labored furiously to try to revive him.
When he came-to and so they rolled him out to the ambulance, he smiled and was so glad as he had been in an amazingly lovely place along with his household that had moved on. He was fairly at peace with the concept of dying and some days later he did die, however gave me a goodbye tug on my massive toe as he used to after his enterprise journeys when he did not wish to wake me up however needed me to know he made it house.
When there’s a cut up of spirit from mortal type, there are a collection of experiences that contain intermediaries – lifeless household, angels, strangers, mild beings, and so on. There are selections to be made about accepting the transition or providing an opportunity to return.
As we’ve solely gotten testimony from those that got here again, we are able to assume that those that stayed had the identical briefing and selected the excessive street. Their very atmosphere and lack of physique sensation, peace and pleasure would imply a whole severing of ties with the mortal realm.
Would souls surprise hallways and never know that they’re lifeless? My reply could be unequivacably NO!
Can there be residual hauntings the place an apparition is seen strolling the identical path or pacing the identical flooring? YES!
Would possibly there be a state of affairs the place protectiveness of members of the family or unfinished enterprise would possibly make a soul skip over to our world and dink round? That is perhaps a risk. However in these conditions, I’m completely sure the soul is aware of it is not mortal any longer.
If a soul is an power type, doesn’t must be in a single place at one time, is all-powerful and omnipresent, then they will nonetheless dance round our realm.
But it surely doesn’t suggest they do not know they’re lifeless.

The one exception to not figuring out you are lifeless is within the moments of transition. When an individual’s soul unlocks itself from the bodily type and hovers overhead, watching the scene, taking within the implications. In that temporary time, it might appear that the comprehension turns into clear.
I discover this fascinating as I’ve had life-long catastrophe premonition goals, largely airplane crashes. In every dream I’m lucid sufficient to comprehend that nobody on the airplane sees me or hears me. I’m there solely to witness. I really feel indifferent from what is happening and never scared or threatened, merely recording the occasion intimately. It might nearly make a case that psychics are using the soul to see as an alternative of the mortal type. However, even in these terrifying explosions, nosedives, landings in water, cartwheeling and extra, I do know I’m not mortal and will not be harm.
There are lots of handed on previous wive’s tales of what ghosts are – they’ve unfinished enterprise, they do not like somebody residing of their house, they do not know they’re lifeless, they’re in some way trapped….
One after the other we should maintain these as much as the proof and keep in mind that finding out the spirit world is kind of like wanting right into a mirror to see what’s behind you. You do not truly contact the objects there or work together with them, however you’ll be able to see them mirrored. We’re coping with a reasonably mirrored infinity versus our three-dimensional finite.
Ever attempt to catch moonbeams in a jar?

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