This can be a sequence on Ghost Looking Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment using methods employed by the researcher over a decade in the past in a totally completely different location at an habituation website. 

As we speak, the researcher’s ongoing examine is being carried out in an city setting within the southern half of the US, tons of of miles from the unique website and the outcomes are amazingly comparable. In the course of the sequence, I will likely be sharing the evolution of those experiments and their outcomes from his journal.

To all,

As a way to up-date what exploration/analysis occasions came about in 2020, I will likely be commenting over the following 11 postings. There are 11 picture groupings for 11 particular days. Three picture groupings for the native nationwide forest, 7 groupings for my space/website 1 location, 1 grouping for my space/website 2 location. Different groupings for 2020 could happen as I’ve them prepared. Only a reminder to all, my space/website 1 location is an city wilderness space of roughly 14,000 acres surrounded by neighborhoods and companies. 

My space/website 2 location, not distant is roughly 10,000 acres once more surrounded by neighborhoods and companies. The nationwide forest I hike has a serious climbing path that covers 10 sections. You could have the principle path, then loop trails off the principle path . Not all sections have the loop trails. The overall miles of trails are roughly 120 miles. I’ve accomplished the primary part of 31 miles. 

The present pictures to be seen in my NF groupings are from this part. let’s get began.

Saturday April 18, 2020 Space/Web site 2
#1. 9:56am—I had beforehand positioned this pole in a horizontal place. It has been faraway from the place to a leaning place.????

#2. 9:56am—I reset the pole to a horizontal place.

#3. 9:56am—this reveals the pipe reset from the street path.

#4. 9:57am—this seems to the south with a small slough plus exhibiting the pipe.
#5. 10:06am—These tires I discovered close to this spot. I beforehand put them on this tree as seen.
#6. 10:07am—The rock now on the bottom under the tires, had been on one of many tires.????

#7. 10:07am—I had left a “BF’ drawings sheet tied on a limb close to the tires. It was now crumpled on the bottom close by.????

#8. 10:07am—another view of the crumpled sheet. It was in a protecting plastic cowl.
#9. 10:07am—this is the leather-based strip I used to tie the sheet with plastic cowl to the limb.
#10. 10:08am—a mini-candy wrapper discovered from the candy treats I left on the tires tree.????

#11. 10:08am—same as above.

#12. 10:09am—blurred view of the identical above wrapper.
#13. 10:18am—I moved the tires, the ‘BF’ drawings sheet, crossed sticks, and so forth. to a close-by tree and reset all of it. additionally objects into the bottom tire opening.
#14. 10:19am—a nearer view of the bottom tire, crossed limbs, and objects within the tire opening.
#15. 11:53am—a view of the hike/bike path east to west.
#16. 11:56am—a signal when nearing the most important water means, bayou, alongside the path.
#17. 11:59am—the following pictures 17-25 reveals the bayou and low mendacity, closely foliaged areas close to the path.
#18. 12midday
#19. 12midday
#20. 12 midday
#21. 12:03pm

#22. 12:06pm
#23. 12:06pm
#24. 12:07pm
#25. 12:09pm
#26. 12:29pm—open space to the south of path exhibiting a number of hundred yards size.
#27. 12:32pm—possible small blind to the west of the open space.
#28. 12:32pm—closer view of the above.
#29. 12:32pm—old break and twist not removed from the above potential blind.
#30. 12:32pm—another potential small blind.

This concludes feedback and pictures for Saturday April 18, 2020 Space/Web site 2

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