This can be a collection on Ghost Searching Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment using methods employed by the researcher over a decade in the past in a totally totally different location at an habituation website.

At the moment, the researcher’s ongoing examine is being carried out in an city setting within the southern half of the US, a whole lot of miles from the unique website and the outcomes are amazingly comparable. Throughout the collection, I can be sharing the evolution of those experiments and their outcomes from his journal.

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Wednesday Might 6, 2020. 11 pictures, the regional nationwide forest hike, part 1, loop 2 path, 5.75 miles.

I did this hike with my brother and sister-in-law. The pictures present doable ‘BF’ / Sasquatch exercise with timber alongside or close to the mountaineering path.

#1. 11:34 am—near the path a low breakover onto one other tree.   

#2. 11:34 am—a nearer, facet view of the above breakover.  

#3. 11:35 am—an outdated breakover with twist alongside the path.

#4. 11:35 am—2 breaks alongside the path. One break on all sides of the path.
#5. 11:35 am—a pushover onto one other tree.
#6. 11:36 am—a breakover close to the path.
#7. 11:36am— a more in-depth view of the above breakover.
#8. 11:51 am—another breakover.
#9. 11:51 am—another view of the above breakover.
#10. 12:03 pm—2 timber as an ‘X’ off the path.
#11. 12:03pm—another view of the above ‘X’.

This concludes the report for Wednesday, Might 6, 2020.

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