For these people who listened to final evening’s present with haunting survivor and writer Patrick Meechan and who’re a bit confused by our references to Pow-wow and people magick, the next data ought to assist to clarify a few of the dialog.

Patrick’s e book is titled ‘Nightmare in Holmes County’ and is one man’s journey by Hell on Earth. Think about a nightmare wherein your darkest fears are coming true. Your life appears to spiral additional in the direction of Hell with every passing day, but you may’t get up. You are continually dominated by unthinkable circumstances as all the things you maintain expensive is at risk of being torn out of your grip, and the traces are blurred between the pure and the paranormal. You are entrenched in a non secular battle in opposition to historic curses, and the satanism and witchcraft practiced by these round you. This Hell was within the coronary heart of Amish nation. Although the story appears not possible, it’s true to actual life and this Second Version consists of much more proof to assist these claims.

In Webster’s dictionary, witchcraft is outlined because the act or occasion of using sorcery, particularly with malevolent intent: a magical ceremony or approach. The spiritual will say when you consider in God, and consider in what the Bible says, then you should consider within the powers of evil as effectively. You can not take one facet after which fully low cost the opposite facet. Principally, evil energy is actual and witchcraft is the usage of it. In actuality, although, there’s a very superb line between good and evil.

When it got here to people magic or witchcraft in my neck of the woods, Pow-wow was the popular mystic artwork. Pow-wow is a singular mixture of Christian theology and shamanistic perception. Shamanism is the oldest type of faith and the assumption is that there’s one Supreme Being. That every one is derived from this and is interrelated. In Europe, Shamanic practitioners have been persecuted as witches within the identify of orthodox faith. It’s nonetheless practiced in some rural areas of Pennsylvania, although it has been outlawed for a number of generations. Regardless of the identify, it isn’t of Native American derivation. The identify comes from the e book Pow-wows, or, The Lengthy Misplaced Good friend, written by John George Hohman and first revealed in German as Der Lange Verborgene Freund in 1820. The subtitle of the booklet hints on the breadth of its contents…a set of mysterious and invaluable arts and treatments for man in addition to animals with many proofs of their advantage and efficacy in therapeutic ailments, and so on. It was acknowledged primarily by Pennsylvania Dutch hex-meisters however after the interpretation to English in 1846, it had an amazing affect on the commoner people magicians of the Appalachians. This little e book consists of therapeutic spells, binding spells, protecting spells, wards and benedictions. Although I’m not a spiritual individual, I’m non secular (and a bit superstitious. I’ll cowl that later) and at all times have my copy of ‘The Lengthy Misplaced Good friend’ close to me. It’s my private talisman.

All religions have an upside and a draw back. The draw back of the Judeo-Christian custom is Satanism. The draw back of Pow-wow was corruption by practitioners, the hex-meisters, who would forged spells or hexes on anybody for a value. Hex-meisters have been deeply feared by most individuals from all walks of life. These German immigrants got here to Pennsylvania through the late 1800s and in contrast to the common practitioners of Pow-wow, who have been primarily of decrease class and got here right here for spiritual freedom, these newcomers have been of the center and higher courses. There was, on the time, a revival of occultism in Europe, a few of which was Satanic. This primary wave of immigrant Germans introduced this affect with them and have become higher often known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

In 1895, John Blymire was born in York County, Pa., into the world of witchcraft, magick and superstition. His father and grandfather have been Pow-wows and he inherited their therapeutic skills, however not the power of their expertise. When Blymire was 5, he suffered from opnema, a losing away of the physique that was believed to be attributable to hexes, however was normally attributable to poor weight loss plan and malnutrition. Neither his grandfather nor father may remedy him, so that they took him to a strong Pow-wow healer named Nelson Rehmeyer who ultimately cured him.

John Blymire

At age seven, Blymire tried his first remedy and was profitable. He was of restricted intelligence, homely and solely modestly profitable as a Pow-wow. Individuals prevented him, besides after they wanted his Pow-wow expertise. Due to this, Blymire was very lonely.

When he was 13, he stop college and labored in a cigar manufacturing unit in York, Pa. He stored to himself, however phrase obtained out that he may heal. He supplemented his cigar manufacturing unit earnings by accepting voluntary choices for his work as a Pow-wow.

In the future, there was an incident that ought to have made his popularity as a strong Pow-wow. When work was achieved, Blymire and the opposite staff have been leaving the manufacturing unit when somebody screamed {that a} “mad” canine was approaching. A collie, foaming on the mouth, was coming towards them. Individuals tried to go contained in the manufacturing unit, however these leaving blocked their method. Blymire stood between them and the rabid canine, uttered an incantation and made the signal of the cross over the canine’s head. The canine’s mouth stopped foaming and it gave the impression to be cured of rabies. Blymire patted it on the pinnacle and the canine, tail wagging, adopted him as he walked down the road.

Shortly after this incident, Blymire suffered from the opnema once more. He was satisfied somebody had put a hex on him, probably a jealous Pow-wow who didn’t need him to achieve success. He stop his job with a purpose to uncover who had hexed him. He labored in odd jobs and practiced Pow-wow for monetary survival and lived in rooming homes. It was at a rooming home the place he met Lily, the lady who would grow to be his spouse. His well being progressively improved and he discovered a daily job. His Pow-wow clientele steadily elevated and it appeared the hex was eliminated or not labored.

Then catastrophe struck. Blymire’s first little one died inside a couple of weeks after beginning. Then a second little one handed away three days after beginning. Within the meantime, his well being declined and he misplaced his job.

Once more, Blymire consulted with different witches to search out out who had hexed him. One was Andrew C. Lenhart, a strong witch who was feared by many police and metropolis officers. Lenhart acknowledged that he was hexed by somebody near him and Blymire was satisfied it was Lily. She started to concern him and her father employed a lawyer who had Blymire evaluated by a psychiatrist. The prognosis was borderline psychoneurosis. Blymire was dedicated to a state psychological hospital from which he escaped by strolling out of the door. There was no effort to recommit him.

In 1928, Blymire returned to work on the cigar manufacturing unit the place he met 14-year-old John Curry who had a merciless childhood as a consequence of abuse and believed he was hexed. Shortly after this, they met a farmer, Milton J. Hess who believed he was hexed. He and his spouse have been of Pennsylvania Dutch inventory. They obeyed all the laws and guidelines hex-meisters gave them. Milton had been a profitable farmer. Crops flourished, chickens laid the correct quantity of eggs and the cows’ milk was plentiful. His spouse, Alice had a stand on the farmer’s market, the place she offered greens, flowers and fruit.

Hess defined that in 1926, for no obvious motive, issues took a downward spiral. Crops started to fail, chickens have been stolen and those who weren’t didn’t lay eggs, cows wouldn’t eat and not produced milk. Milton’s well being was additionally severely affected. Wilbert, his 17-year-old son was additionally affected, psychologically, by listening to his father complain concerning the failures and lack of cash and his mom altering from an brisk cheerful girl into a tragic and silent one who withdrew from speaking with household. The household was satisfied they have been hexed. Hess obtained a job as a truck driver and Alice nonetheless had her stand, now, out of monetary necessity.

In June, 1928, Hess met Blymire who lived within the Widow Detwiler’s boarding home in an alley. They’d discuss each day and the dialog, ultimately, turned to hexes. About this time, Blymire consulted Nellie Noll, who was often known as the ‘Witch of Marietta’, additionally because the ‘River Witch’ within the try to find who had hexed him. She instructed him that it was the ‘Witch of Rehmeyer Hole.’ After a lot coaxing from Blymire, she named Nelson D. Rehmeyer.

Hess invited Blymire, as a ‘Pow-wower’ or ‘Braucher’, to his farm the place the witch may see its situation for himself. He requested Blymire who had hexed the household, however he couldn’t bear in mind the identify, so he visited Nellie Noll once more. Once more, she named Nelson D. Rehmeyer and added that Rehmeyer had additionally hexed Curry. She instructed him that each one they needed to do was to get Rehmeyer’s copy of John George Hohman’s ‘Pow-wows or Lengthy Misplaced Good friend’ and burn it. If they might not do this, they have to get a lock of his hair and bury it 6 to eight toes underground.

As soon as Blymire, Curry and the Hesses knew who had hexed them and what needed to be achieved, there was a convention. Attending this assembly have been Blymire, Curry and Milton, older brother Clayton and Wilbert Hess. Quickly, plans have been made for Blymire, Curry and Wilbert Hess to go to Rehmeyer and get a lock of hair or the e book, do as they have been directed and the hex could be eliminated. Clayton, the one member of the family who had a automotive, would drive them to the hole. As occasions occurred, Wilbert stated he didn’t really feel effectively and didn’t need to go. Blymire stated it was OK if he didn’t. He and Curry would get the e book or the lock of hair and would do what they needed to.

The next data was taken from trial transcripts and information:

Nelson D. Rehmeyer, the ‘Witch of Rehmeyer Hole’

Once they obtained to Rehmeyer’s home, they found he was not house. They walked to the witch’s ex-wife’s home and noticed a lightweight by the window, so that they knocked on the door. The duo was instructed that Rehmeyer was in all probability at his woman buddy’s home. They walked again to the witch’s home and seen a lightweight on the second ground.

Blymire knocked on the door. Rehmeyer opened the door…he was a lot bigger than Blymire remembered and was imply trying. Blymire requested if they might are available and Rehmeyer led them to the parlor the place they sat and began to speak.

Blymire requested Rehmeyer if he had seen the e book. The response was sure. The following query was if he had one. Once more, the reply was affirmative. Blymire was glad with the solutions. The dialog, then, turned to extra mundane matters. Lastly, Rehmeyer requested them why they’d stopped by. Blymire instructed him that he had cured him of the opnema when he was a baby and he had labored by choosing potatoes for him.

Blymire, whereas they talked, attempt to mentally will Rehmeyer handy over the e book, however this was not efficient. After some time, Rehmeyer stated he was going to mattress and so they may sleep downstairs in the event that they wished to.

Curry rapidly fell asleep whereas Blymire stayed awake making an attempt to will the outdated witch to offer them the e book. Lastly, he woke Curry and instructed him that he couldn’t management Rehmeyer’s thoughts. Ought to they attempt to use drive and make him give them the e book or a lock of hair? Blymire determined in opposition to this as a result of the outdated witch was a giant man and will simply overpower them. He determined they wanted assist.

That morning, Rehmeyer obtained up early and made the duo breakfast earlier than they left. In some unspecified time in the future, they purchased a 25 foot size of sturdy rope and minimize it into lengths of about 14 inches.

On Wednesday, November 27th, 1928, the evening of the total moon and eve earlier than Thanksgiving, Clayton drove the trio to Rehmeyer’s Hole. The three walked to Rehmeyer’s home.

They demanded that he give them the e book. He threw his pockets at them. Then, the three attacked Rehmeyer. Blymire wrapped a size of rope round Rehmeyer’s neck. The trio fought savagely with the outdated man…Curry obtained a block of wooden and hit Rehmeyer within the head. The outdated man was kicked within the head and the abdomen and his face was battered. Blymire stated he groaned, took a couple of breaths, then died.

They ransacked the home and located a small sum of money. The trio determined they needed to eliminate the proof that will tie them into the homicide. Curry thought setting fireplace to the home would obtain this. They lit matches and dropped them in the home to set the hearth. The home was smoldering after they left.

The home didn’t burn as they thought it might. A neighbor, Oscar Glatfelter, was passing by Rehmeyer’s home on November 30th and heard his mule braying. When the person checked on the animal, he noticed it had not been fed. Glatfelter knocked on the door and there was no reply, however the door was unlocked. After the neighbor entered the home, he noticed Rehmeyer’s corpse mendacity on the ground.

The Rehmeyer Home through the homicide investigation
It didn’t take the police lengthy to arrest Blymire, Curry and Wilbert for the homicide of Rehmeyer. All three confessed and Blymire stated he was at peace now that he had killed the witch. The newswire providers knowledgeable the general public {that a} practising witch had been killed in York County, Pa.

The trials started on January ninth, 1929. Choose Sherwood presided. District Lawyer Amos W. Herrmann represented the commonwealth. Public defenders Walter W. VanBaman represented Curry and Herbert B. Cohen, Blymire. The Hess household may afford to rent Harvey A. Gross, the very best prison protection legal professional within the space.

Choose Sherwood decreed that each one point out of hexes and witchcraft within the confessions be edited out earlier than they have been admitted to information. The makes an attempt of the protection attorneys to make hexes and witchcraft a matter of report through testimony have been quashed.

Herrmann made his opening statements, avoiding all point out of witchcraft and hexes and forgot to say the motive for the homicide that the choose wished. He was sharply reminded of this. The decreed motive was theft and, then, was acknowledged.

When Cohen tried to deliver out testimony about witchcraft, the choose thwarted his efforts.

The trials have been the a few of the speediest in Pennsylvania historical past. By obstruction of justice, the choose obtained what he wished, responsible verdicts, Blymire and Curry, homicide within the first diploma and Hess, homicide within the second diploma.

The sentences have been handed down on January 14th. Blymire and Curry got life in jail and Wilbert was given 10 to 20 years. In 1934, Hess and Curry have been paroled and lived quiet lives within the York space. Curry grew to become an artist and died in 1962. Blymire was lastly paroled in 1953, returned to York and labored as a janitor.


The Hex Home in Rehmeyer Hole, East Hopewell Township, York County, Pa.
This case has at all times intrigued me, particularly after I learn Arthur Lewis’ account of the incident in his e book ‘Hex’. I additionally bear in mind the tales of paranormal exercise in Rehmeyer Hole and the reviews of unusual apparitions, stated to be Nelson Rehmeyer’s spirit, roaming the property nightly.

Throughout my senior yr in highschool, I made a decision to make a brief journey to Rehmeyer Hole to see what all of the fuss was. I had discovered a replica of Pow-Wows: Lengthy Misplaced Good friend, a Assortment of Mysteries and Invaluable Arts and Treatments and determined to hold it with me. Like I stated earlier, I’m a bit superstitious and thought the e book could defend me ultimately.

I made the journey alone in mid October 1975. It was late afternoon after I arrived at a locked gate that was suspended over the entry street that had a ‘No Trespassing’ signal hooked up to it. At the moment, the sparse open areas have been overgrown with briers and excessive weeds. The woods have been very thick and darkish and as I began strolling on the street I may make out the roof of the small home jutting over the timber. As I approached, I seen what seemed like an older man in darkish pants and a jacket standing on the street close to the bend that led to the home, I estimated he was about 150 toes in entrance of me. It seemed like he was trying to find one thing as a result of he was trying face down in a peculiar method.

I finished strolling and stood for a couple of seconds watching this individual commute throughout the street, by no means elevating their head. So I made a decision it was time to search out out if this was a caretaker or if it was OK for me proceed any additional although I knew was trespassing.

I shouted “whats up…sir”. No response. So I used to be about to shout once more pondering this individual was onerous of listening to or probably ignoring me. Simply as I started to open my mouth to shout, this individual rapidly seemed up and….

Now, I notice that I used to be a good distance away however this ‘individual’ that, I swear to this present day, had no facial options. No eyes, no mouth, no nostril. Only a head. I spun round and hauled my butt again to the automotive. The ghost hunt was over. I wheeled my Mustang out of that hole onto the principle street in report time. Actually, I don’t bear in mind the drive house. I used to be completely surprised by the expertise.

Just a few days later, my girlfriend and I have been in my room and he or she discovered ‘The Lengthy Misplaced Good friend’ on my desk. I used to be mendacity on the mattress with headphones on after I seemed over and noticed that she was trying within the e book. As I watched her, I seen that there was writing on the e book cowl. I had bought the e book as new, had by no means written in it or had it anyplace apart from after I was at Rehmeyer Hole. As I seemed nearer, there was an “NR” written in pencil.

The following day, I lit the grill within the yard and promptly burned the e book and buried the ashes. I wasn’t leaving something to ‘likelihood’. Just a few weeks later, I buy a brand new copy of ‘The Lengthy Misplaced Good friend’ and it’s been close to me since. Lon



The next is an outline of how the Pow-wower utilized their expertise in 20th-century York County, as famous by Arthur H. Lewis in his 1969 e book Hex:

Besides for 2 days a month, the Rohrbaugh Convalescent Residence in rural Spring Grove, York County, Pennsylvania, is about as quiet a spot as you are more likely to discover anyplace within the Keystone State. However on the primary and sixteenth, it turns into a mecca for scores of ailing males, ladies and youngsters who flock to this tiny village, there to be powwowed again to well being by Mrs. Leah Frank.

Mistakenly, I assumed there was some significance within the alternative of the 2 days on which Mrs. Frank practices her career.

“Once I reached ninety, and that was 4 years in the past,” Mrs. Frank defined, “I believed perhaps I might higher stop altogether; it is so onerous on a physique. However my individuals would not let me, tole me they wanted me. So, as a substitute of workin’ each day, I tole ’em I might ‘attempt for’ two days a month and I picked the primary and the sixteenth. Then individuals will know when to return and never be dissatisfied in between. That is all there may be to it.”

By means of the home windows of the second-floor bed room she seldom leaves, Mrs. Frank can view the delicate hills of York County the place she has lived all her years. As a matter of truth, the aged powwower spends most of her daylight in an old school Morris chair dealing with the east. “I might fairly see the solar come up than go down,” she says gently.

Apart from a slight diminution in listening to and arthritis, solely recently starting to cripple the lengthy, tapered fingers she wants for “laying on” sick or in any other case troubled sufferers, Mrs. Frank stays in glorious well being. Her cheeks, although wrinkled, have a wholesome glow; her tooth are her personal, and her sharp blue eyes nonetheless regard with abiding curiosity that small portion of the world she sees.

“Prettiest a part of the world, although I would not know a lot about the remainder of it,” Mr. Frank stated in a transparent voice with a robust Pennsylvania Dutch inflection. “Born and raised ten miles from right here and by no means been no additional away than forty. However you do not have to journey to be taught issues and methods to deal with ’em that wants you, do you?”

She smiled and went on.

“I have been tryin’ for individuals for a protracted, very long time. I at all times know’d I had the ability however I discovered methods to use it from a veterinarian who practiced powwowin’ too. That was again in 1904; I have been doin’ it ever since.

“Course that is not all I ever achieved. I simply used to attempt for individuals on the facet like most of us religion healers do. From the time I used to be a bit of woman ‘until I used to be seventy-seven years I labored in a mill and I labored onerous, too. Anymore I do not work so onerous. Now I am so outdated I solely powwow.”

What troubles Mrs. Frank is the present scarcity of apprentices keen to bear the trials of coaching with a purpose to grow to be worthy practitioners.

“I do not imply these that do not have the ability inside ’em ‘trigger they will by no means be taught regardless of how a lot they need to. A few of ’em attempt however I at all times say to ’em, ‘If you cannot cease blood, you will by no means be a powwower, so do not waste your time.'”

“What I am referrin’ to is those who obtained the ability however do not need to use it. It ain’t straightforward; you must work onerous and it makes you mighty drained to attempt for individuals.

Mrs. Frank didn’t elaborate upon the curriculum required earlier than the neophyte can grow to be a full-fledged practitioner. She did say, nonetheless, that after “blood stopping,” which, by the way, she claims can by no means be taught and should be recognized congenitally, the subsequent coaching step is wart removing. After that come the numerous different branches of the self-discipline concluding with cures for the opnema, St. Anthony’s fireplace and eventually tumors.

Mrs. Frank additionally holds to the orthodox perception, one shared by the vast majority of her colleagues, that an teacher in powwowism or witchcraft could impart his data solely to members of the alternative intercourse.

“A person should not train one other man or boy and a girl cannot train one other girl or woman,” claims this nonagenarian necromancer. “I am helpin’ prepare a younger man who lives ‘spherical right here and he is doin’ all proper. However I positive want I may train my granddaughter. She was born with the ability however she do not know methods to use it. She may do great good.”

I requested Mrs. Frank what would occur if she tried to show the career to her granddaughter. She shuddered.

“Oh, my goodness! That may be horrible. I might undergo for it the remainder of my days and perhaps lose my very own energy if I attempted.”

Just like the Willow Road powwower, to whom she will not be associated, Mrs. Frank is conscious of the current of evil space witches. Nonetheless, she doesn’t subscribe to Clair Frank’s miserable concept that practitioners of the black artwork are getting smarter in addition to more and more quite a few.

“Not a lot of ’em ‘spherical as there was,” Mrs. Frank stated cheerfully. “They usually’re getting dumber and dumber on a regular basis. However after I was a woman!”

NOTE: In 1988, the movie Apprentice to Homicide was launched and starred Donald Sutherland, Chad Lowe and Mia Sara. The story was based mostly on the Rehmeyer Hole Homicide. Lon

Lewis, Arthur H., ‘Hex’ (1969) – Trident Press
Yronwode, Catherine, ‘Hoodoo in Concept and Apply’
Georg Hohman, Johann, ‘Pow-Wows or The Lengthy Misplaced Good friend’ (1820)
Rehmeyer Household Archives


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