It is a sequence on Ghost Searching Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment using strategies employed by the researcher over a decade in the past in a very completely different location at an habituation website.

At the moment, the researcher’s ongoing examine is being carried out in an city setting within the southern half of the US, a whole lot of miles from the unique website and the outcomes are amazingly comparable. Throughout the sequence, I can be sharing the evolution of those experiments and their outcomes from his journal.

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September 3, 2020

This grouping of 19 photographs and report takes place on the east facet of the realm lake. I used to be exploring a gated street path not beforehand hiked. As standard on these hikes, I am attempting to look at what appears to me like an apparent “BF’ signal alongside and off the path.
Images and feedback observe:

#1. 12:24pm—here I am parked at my standard location on the east facet of the lake when simply attending to this space. I’ve lunch right here, hike the street path then relocate down the street to the gated street path within the report. I park after which start this hike.#2. 1:28pm—to my left off the path, a break up tree breakover and low breakover, completely different instructions.#3. 1:29pm—a shut up of each breaks.

#4. 1:34pm—can’t bear in mind what I used to be seeing right here. Sorry!

#5. 1:41pm—deeper off the path. 2 bows. Nearer one bowing to the suitable. One additional again, bowing to the left.#6. 1:41pm—I get a little bit nearer to point out the deeper one.#7. 1:41pm—just off the path. Three timber broke over close to one another. 2 on the bottom. 1 leaning at a low break. all Three pointing completely different instructions.#8. 1:41pm—another low breakover simply off the path.#9. 1:42pm—low twist and break.#10. 1:42pm—low break.#11. 1:52pm—the street path ends close to the lake.#12. 1:52pm—I stroll off the path nearer to the lake.#13. 1:52pm—another view close to the lake. A tree pushover seen.#14. 1:53pm—a low breakover alongside the path because the path is ending.#15. 1:53pm—same break as above only a completely different view.#16. 1:54pm—same break viewing straight on. Roughly 18″ off the bottom.#17. 2:08pm—on the best way again, one other bow.#18. 2:08pm—a low breakover to the suitable and an arch to the rear. the arch to the left.#19. 3:17pm—I noticed this pine tree bowed whereas touring out of the realm.

I do take pleasure in mountaineering and exploring the street trails within the backwoods space of the NF. After you have data of potential ‘BF’ buildings and many others, there’s all the time one thing to be observant for.

This concludes report #14 for Thursday September 3, 2020.

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