This can be a sequence on Ghost Looking Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment using methods employed by the researcher over a decade in the past in a very totally different location at an habituation website.

At the moment, the researcher’s ongoing research is being carried out in an city setting within the southern half of the US, lots of of miles from the unique website and the outcomes are amazingly comparable. Throughout the sequence, I will likely be sharing the evolution of those experiments and their outcomes from his journal.

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Tuesday January 12, 2021 within the Regional Nationwide Forest

This report has 33 pictures plus a location map picture.
I made it to the world simply earlier than 2pm. It was cloudy with on and off sprinkles. The temperature was nice.

I explored 2 extra Forest Service Highway gated trails off the primary FSR. This was on the identical FSR that goes to the gated path I go to most frequently. I do get pleasure from exploring new trails. With out fail, all the paths I’ve hiked have indicators of exercise and so on.

FSR path gate B pictures 1-19. The FSR comes off the primary east-west HWY and goes SW. This gated highway path is roughly half mile down the FSR on the SE facet. I parked close to the gate and started the hike.

#1. 2:01pm—-hiking down the highway path, I see this type of teepee construction. It is on the SE facet of the path.#2. 2:01pm—-I stepped again somewhat methods and took one other picture of the identical construction.#3. 2:18pm—-2 bow overs close to one another. from a distance seems like an ‘X’ construction.#4. 2:18pm—-old breakover.#5. 2:34pm—-bizarre, archway-bow overs.#6. 2:35pm—-closer picture from a distinct route.#7. 2:37pm—-looking down the highway path to the SE.#8. 2:37pm—-the highway path to my rear to the NW.#9. 3:05pm—-the highway path extra to the SE.#10. 3:05pm—-again the highway path to my rear again to the NW.

At this level, I made it to the tip of the path. It ended at a low moist space. I appeared round for some time then headed again. As I used to be mountaineering out to the NW, what seemed like rock clacking began up. It was again away within the woods to my North. I listened for some time then took my mountaineering workers and did mild knocks on a close-by small tree. the clacking stopped. It then began up once more. After listening for a couple of minutes, I did extra mild knocks. The clacking stopped once more. This alternate continued for roughly 10 minutes, then no extra clacking. I moved on down the path. It was an incredible couple of minutes of interplay with who is aware of????

#11. 3:24pm—-the woods to my left on the best way out of this space have just lately been cleared of brush, low progress between the bushes.

#12. 3:24pm—-another view of the identical space.#13. 3:27pm—-my car within the distance, previous the path gate.

The following Four pictures present an superior arch/bow close to a small pond not removed from my parking spot. The pictures are from totally different angles and so on.

#14. 3:30pm#15. 3:30pm#16. 3:32pm#17. 3:34pm#18. 3:36pm—-an outdated breakover to the precise, within the woods close to my parking spot.#19. 3:36pm—-my parking spot on the path gate.
I moved on to path gate E, parked and began my hike. The next would be the pictures with out feedback. Eight of 11 pictures reveals leaners, arches-bows plus low twists.
#20. 4:10pm#21. 4:10pm#22. 4:11pm#23. 4:15pm#24. 4:15pm#25. 4:16pm#26. 4:17pm#27. 4:17pm#28. 4:43pm—-my parking spot at gate E.#29. 4:43pm—-a nearer picture of my parking spot and the gate.#30. 4:44pm—-I am on the gate wanting up the hill and the path.

I depart gate E and begin for house. Searching my driver facet whereas driving, I noticed some extra attainable constructions. I ended and took the next Three pictures:

#31. 4:52pm#32. 4:53pm#33. 4:53pm

This concludes report 17 for Tuesday January 12, 2021 RNF.

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