So as of manufacturing of REEs with the primary one listed as the most important producer down in descending order – 

Now, we may extrapolate that there could be extra portals in China, say, versus Brazil, however producing probably the most of an merchandise and having probably the most of an merchandise aren’t all the time appropriate. 

It’s fascinating to notice that international locations like China and the US who make quite a lot of electronics and superior instrumentation occur to need the weather greater than different international locations. That is sensible as they make the most of them extra. 

However can we make a leap in conclusions that superior aliens may also hunt down REEs and wish to mine them in areas with probably the most quantities of those parts? 

And may among the developments in our cultures come from contact with aliens and agreements for mining? Might or not it’s that a few of our expertise jumps did come from some alien tradition, however they’ve but to belief us with the upper types of expertise additionally they make the most of these parts for, akin to portal deployment? 

Might areas with monumental UFO sightings truly be the residents noting the comings and goings of alien cultures right here to select up what China and the US have mined in an settlement? 

What’s an alien? 

We regularly interchange that idea with Hollywood’s portrayal of beings from constellations far-off who journey right here, nevertheless it may additionally imply different issues. 

Maybe it means a tradition that has all the time been beside us, however makes use of vitality somewhat than matter to present itself. In different phrases, ghostly like beings who’re proper right here with us however we do not see them. 

It may additionally imply one other dimensional being or a being from a parallel world. 

The final doable factor an alien may very well be is a being that has all the time shared our world however remained undetected (kind of like Bigfoot).  With sightings of USOs (unidentified submersible objects), this idea has been bantered round that an clever folks may stay under the ocean with developments that permit air and water journey or probably beings from one other world who settled in our sea beds. 

After we discuss alien finds and particles from crashes, is not “an odd steel” excessive on the record. The one reported from the Roswell Crash in 1947 was like aluminum however after balling it up, it sprang again into its easy authentic composition. May uncommon earth parts be part of alien metallics? Have they got properties which may appear distinctive for constructing a light-weight automobile with power and resilience?  Only a thought….

Dennis and I utilized some notions to the craziness at Blind Frog Ranch the place they may take sand and warmth it up into steel in a crucible. 

What if there are uncommon earth parts within the sand? 

If this had been so, producing metals for ships and the like won’t be an enormous enterprise for aliens. If completed right here on the earth in arid deserts the gathering of sand in these areas, heated excessive sufficient, may produce metals for ship building. 

In actual fact, is not it fascinating how locations just like the Gobi Desert, Mojave Desert, Atacama Desert appear to draw UFOs in giant numbers in such barren areas? 

In relation to the copper mines affiliation, Dennis and I first began investigating this in relation to historical large finds close to copper mining that the Native Folks didn’t declare, and a large tradition that confirmed copper implements, armor, and valuable copper plates with archival writing. 

Let us take a look at the highest 10 copper mines – 

Chile, USA, Peru, Mexico – 4 of probably the most busy UFO highways on earth!


Finally, Dennis and I hope to open minds and insert marvel on the matter of bizarre alleys in our world. The questions raised at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah have been essential ones to check with science and documentation as this material appears to be categorized as “magic” to many of the public.  

Popping out and saying, “yeah, bizarre stuff is happening,” and really finding out it’s the solely solution to take away the magic and insert the science.

BTW:  Dennis will likely be becoming a member of an expedition to a couple areas in mid June. He will likely be doing quite a lot of reporting of the finds. These are wonderful treks with researchers we tremendously respect. 

Extra Information:

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Should you loved this put up, you may wish to study extra about unusual issues that harken to portals. we have listed some cool hyperlinks it’s best to try as a result of at Ghost Looking Theories we’re all the time about “opening minds and inserting marvel.” It’s not the target of this weblog to make you consider any hypotheses, however to deliver accepted issues into query and exit and discover the reply that rings true with you. 


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