“Satan’s Footprints”

“It seems on Thursday evening final, there was a really heavy snowfall within the neighbourhood of Exeter and the South of Devon. On the next morning the inhabitants of the above cities had been shocked at discovering the footmarks of some unusual and mysterious animal endowed with the facility of ubiquity, because the footprints had been to be seen in every kind of unaccountable locations – on the tops of homes and slender partitions, in gardens and court-yards, enclosed by excessive partitions and pailings, as nicely in open fields.” (from newspaper clipping)

Unexplained cloven footprints have proven up in some remoted and barren areas and in uncommon climbs for any creature. Let’s check out a few of these infamous puzzlers – 

LINK: Yet one more unexplained set of “Satan’s Footprints” was present in 1945 close to Everberg, Belgium. On January 10 of that yr, a curious set of weird prints was discovered etched into the snow on a hill behind a spot known as the Chateau de Morveau. The hoof-like prints measured 2.5 inches lengthy by 1.5 broad, and had been composed of a collection of a pair of two prints 9 inches aside that then shaped an ideal single-file line of tracks spaced 12 to 15 inches aside, as if no matter had made them had been hopping alongside. The tracks wandered for a number of miles throughout the hillside, forest, fields, and a stream, and unusually they went proper over some deep snowdrifts but there was no signal of an animal’s physique sinking inside the snow, solely these odd footprints perched atop the frozen white….”


“Darkish Was the Evening” is a film that handled this material in a most chilling method. This very well-acted and thought out film pulls the strain in what looks like a possible real-life situation. 

(LINK) Among the many excessive mountains of that elevated district the place Glenorchy, Glenlyon and Glenochay are contiguous, there have been met with a number of occasions, throughout this and in addition the previous winter, upon the snow, the tracks of an animal seemingly unknown at current in Scotland. The print of the foot in each respect is an actual resemblance of that of a foal of appreciable measurement, with this small distinction maybe, that the only appears somewhat longer or not so spherical; however, as nobody has had the nice fortune as but to have obtained a glimpse of this creature, nothing extra might be stated of its form or dimensions; solely it has been remarked, from the depth to which the toes sunk within the snow, that it should be a beast of appreciable measurement; it has been noticed additionally, that its stroll is just not like that of the generality of quadrupeds, however that it’s extra just like the bounding or limping of a hare when not scared or pursued. It’s not in a single locality solely that its tracks have been met with, however by way of a spread of at the least twelve miles…
— The Occasions, 14 March 1840, p. 1.

Theories abound as to what creates these cloven prints. After all, the probably are wildlife which have cloven hooves, in addition to some smaller animals that hop after they transfer, creating rear toes touchdown cloven-looking prints.

LINK: The brand new tracks appeared in recent snow in Jill Wade’s again backyard on March fifth.  Grandmother Jill, 76, of Woolsery, Devon, stated: ‘I appeared within the backyard and it actually intrigued me. ‘I could not imagine it – the footprints had been within the form of a cloven hoof. There have been no different marks in any respect within the snow.

‘I used to be fairly shocked by it and I hadn’t obtained a clue what it was, however I assumed I’d like to know.’

What’s strolling the bottom with cloven hooves, upon rooftops and places they should not exist? 

The thriller continues….


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